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Stop Driving Yourself Crazy
Trying to Get Pregnant!!

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My name is Kaite McGrew and I want to offer you a possibility.

If you've come to this site, then you are most likely seeking something.

Your quest to conceive a child has probably not been a simple, easy one, and you are probably feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, maybe even despairing.

You've been doing everything right.

You've taken all the supplements,

You've invested in a wealth of treatments....

You're testing your urine, and taking your temperature, and checking the consistency of your cervical mucus.

You've been reading all the books, and watching what you eat, and giving up all kinds of things you used to love.

You're making love on cue, and exercising when you should, and eliminating environmental toxins like a madwoman.

You're monitoring your sleep cycle, and getting acupuncture and drinking herbal teas and probably doing about a billion other things that you are trying to juggle, and manage and deal with simultaneously...

And all the while, you are fighting not to get discouraged, exhausted,... disappointed.

You are feeling more and more like a statistic, and less and less like you have any control, or even any connection, to the process of trying to conceive a baby...

It's wearing on you, it's wearing on your relationships, and it's getting downright depressing the longer it goes on.

I've been there.

I've been exactly where you are.

When my husband and I started trying to conceive a child, and I started to try to manage all the changes; the dietary changes, and lifestyle changes, and health-related changes that had to be implemented and sustained, it wasn't long before I became discouraged and overwhelmed.

As time went on, and I was working so hard at it and I still wasn't pregnant, I knew I was in trouble. I had lost my focus, and most importantly, I had lost my connection to the whole process.

The longer it went on, the more the process wore on me,
and the more I felt like it was hopeless and like I was FAILING!!!

At a certain point it seemed like it had so taken over my life on every level that it had become part of the problem, instead of a solution.

I was getting so stressed and so discouraged just trying to get pregnant, that I realized that my efforts were probably working against me.

Everything I had read said that stress was a huge contributer to infertility. And everything I knew about manifesting my heart's desire told me that the more I became discouraged and disappointed, the less likely I was to conceive.

At that point, just about everything that I was doing to get pregnant seemed to go against what I intuitively knew was needed to successfully conceive a child...

My process had become invasive, sterile, mechanical, and dehumanizing.

My thoughts had become anything but supportive.

And most importantly, what I was doing to get pregnant was separating me from any spiritual connection to the process of getting pregnant.

I seemed to have carved "Me" right out of the equation!

Instead of cooperating with my natural ability to get pregnant,
I felt like I was just digging myself in deeper and deeper with detail after detail.

All the statistics, and sperm counts and BMIs and BBTs,

All of these numbers, instead of making me feel more in control, were making me feel out of control, and almost invisible, as if I had no say in the matter, as if I didn't even exist, and getting pregnant was just a giant machine that went methodically about its business, no matter what I wanted or who I was, or even what God wanted.

I realized, in those months, that what I most needed was to put my Self back at the center of this process. I needed to find a way to keep supporting myself in getting pregnant without driving myself crazy! And I needed to bring God back into the story too.

I had to remind myself every day that books are just books, and statistics are just statistics, and medical authorities don't know everything. At a certain point, I had to remember that every conception, and every birth is a miracle. And when you are asking for a miracle, there really is only one place to turn.

You can call it God, or the Universe, or your Higher Self, but no matter what you call it, the Ultimate Authority in these matters is a spiritual one.

Somewhere in all my attempts to follow the rules of getting pregnant, and meet every requirement, I had lost touch, with who I am and who God is, and what is most important...

I needed to find a way back to that.

I needed to reframe my process so that it nourished and healed all of me. So that it brought me closer to my faith, instead of pulling me further away from it, so that whether or not I became pregnant, I would still be whole, and my life would be rich and satisfying.

I needed to re-inhabit my life in a way that continued to optimize my capacity to get pregnant, but didn't make that my only focus, or let it run me out of my life. 

Out of that need was born my coaching program:

a roseSix Sacred Shifts
To Embrace Your Fertility:

A six part audio coaching program designed to support you in your quest to conceive

This program has one goal, and that goal is to re-align you with your purpose, and bring your quest to conceive back into your life in a reasonable way, so that instead of diminishing you , it enriches you.

I'd like to offer that opportunity to you now. Today.

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This program (valued at $75) is offered at No Charge today, as a blessing to you and is supported entirely by your donations only if you should be so inspired.

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I want to offer you an opportunity to experience this journey to fertility in a way that fulfills you, that brings you forth instead of breaking you down.

And I don't just want you to become fertile, I want your whole life to become Fertile.

I want you to find your Self at the center of this quest. I want it to be your greatest, richest, most satisfying Self.

I want you to expand your concept of fertility, and let it spill over into every aspect of your life, enriching you, nourishing you, growing you into who you crave to be.

I want you to be able to use this process to really shine.

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This program (valued at $75) is offered at No Charge today, as a blessing to you and is supported entirely by your donations only if you should be so inspired.

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What would it mean to you to feel relaxed again?

To feel safe and connected as you navigate the fertility maze?

What if, instead of being overwhelmed, you felt excited, curious and playful as you approached this journey?

You've heard the saying before; "You can do this the hard way, or you can do this the easy way?"

I want to show you that there is an easy way - there is a way to approach this with ease.

There are always things you are going to have to do if you want to get pregnant. There are things you will have to change, sometimes permanently. And these changes may prove to be difficult for you,

but how you do them, how you feel about yourself while you are doing them, what you discover about yourself, and who you are when the doing is done - all of these things are choices.

You can choose to suffer through this process, you can let it overwhelm you and wear you down. Or you can choose to use this process as an opportunity to reconnect with the Sacred in your life, an opportunity to bring forth your true, beautiful, powerful Self, an opportunity to draw nearer to God.

a rose
The choice is yours.

And how you choose may just make all the difference.

Your body is listening to everything you tell it, spoken and unspoken. Your body is listening.

And Time - what about Timing? The Biological clock ticking? Dreading "that time of the month." ? Watching the calendar every day? Counting the days until you ovulate, Counting the days until your next period, Counting days until you can make love again, (for maximum quality and quantity of sperm?) Even counting the minutes, lying there with a pillow under your hips?

Right now it feels like it's all about time, Time as a task master. Doesn't it feel like time has become this anvil on your chest? I want to offer you a chance to be free from that burden.

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This program (valued at $75) is offered at No Charge today, as a blessing to you and is supported entirely by your donations only if you should be so inspired.

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What I want for you is for you to finally evict your own personal Big Ben from the power position, and put yourself, your True Self, squarely on the throne.

Doesn't that sounds good to you? Doesn't it seem like it's about time to do it?

Aren't you tired of coming at this whole fertility thing from a position of loss and disappointment?

From a place of frustration and confusion and fatigue...?

If you're ready to bring yourself to that place of freedom and safety and inspiration, then my program, Six Sacred Shifts to Embracing Your Fertility, might be exactly what you need right now.


When you do, you'll get:

The Weekly Coaching Sessions in an Audio MP3 format
Download them, burn a CD, or put them on your MP3 player to take with you.
The Weekly Coaching Sessions in Written Transcript format
For you readers out there to review, make notes, and highlight the important parts.
Weekly In-Depth Journaling Tools
Step by step guides through some of the difficult questions, and support for you as you look at how you've been approaching your efforts to conceive so far. These tools will take you by the hand and encourage you to explore what other possibilities exist for you as you seek to become more fertile and welcome a baby into your womb.
Weekly Quick Reference Sheets of Key Points
Handy printouts so you can review every day of the week, and be reminded of what you are working on.

Sign up for the program right now. This program is offered by donation only, so you decide what it is worth to you and what you can afford. When you do, you'll have immediate access to the program and all these resources will be available to you.

Give yourself this gift. Take the time to work through the first week of this coaching program. Do the journaling exercises and review the Key Points every day.

Notice the difference in your whole approach to getting pregnant in just that first week and see if you don't feel yourself getting more and more relaxed, optimistic, calm and centered about the whole process.


BONUS Report:
How to get the Most out of Your Fertility Journal

Value: $16.95

As a special bonus, I'm also going to make available a copy of my report: How to Get the Most Out of Your Fertility Journal, valued at $16.95, but offered to you on a donation basis only, so pay only what and if you feel inspired to and only what you can afford. This report is offered as a blessing to support you in your journey to conceive!

This wonderful report is chock full of information and insight, brimming with tools, tips and techniques to take your fertility to the next level, using the power of the mind/body connection.

Did you know that your Fertility Journal is your Secret Weapon to accelerate your process and ramp up your fertility?

Did you know that if you you know how,  and you let it, your Fertility Journal will line up all the parts of this journey - the physical, emotional, intuitive and spiritual aspects - so that they come together in the most powerful way to support you in getting pregnant?

The report describes a series of journaling methods designed to reveal your hidden blocks, and arm you with all the tools you need to reframe or remove the barriers you might never have realized existed before.

Use these methods to:

Tap into your deepest wisdom
Develop crystal clear mindfulness and laser-like focus
Discover hidden resources you never knew you had
Identify and bust through barriers that were completely invisible to you before
Develop a razor-sharp insightfulness to identify and develop your strengths
Create an impenetrable safe haven for your Self.
Learn step by step the powerful method that can reframe even the most challenging aspects of conception so that they become your allies.
Revolutionize your understanding of how you can use journaling
Align yourself with your highest spiritual purpose in becoming pregnant.

These are just a few of the things that this report can teach you to do, if you employ the techniques it describes Download this report today, and get started right away!

What would it mean to you to feel aligned with the process of getting pregnant? To feel strengthened, enlightened and nourished by it?

What if getting pregnant became a joyful, illuminating experience that uplifted you every step of the way?

What would it be like to take back your life, and participate fully on every level - emotionally, physically and spiritually, in a process that can become one of the greatest events of your life?

Try this program, whole-heartedly, and if you don't begin to see the possibilities available to you in that first week, then this might not be the program for you.

But if you see those shifts happening, if you feel yourself becoming more and more clear, focused and joyful every day, Then you will have begun an adventure that will change your life.
a rose
By the end of the six weeks you'll feel more connected to Spirit, more aligned with your body, and more able to let getting pregnant be the joyful, enriching, healing process it was always meant to be.

I can't guarantee you a pregnancy, since that remains, as always, in God's hands entirely. But what I can offer you is a chance to experience the deep satisfaction and healing that comes from participating fully, on every level, with the process of trying to become pregnant.

If you are blessed with a child, then you will bring that joy and peace to the pregnancy.

And if it is not your path to conceive at this time, you will have strengthened and healed a part of yourself that can support you through that chapter of your amazing story. Your discoveries and your renewed connection with the Divine will carry you as you walk the path that is yours to walk.

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This program (valued at $75) is offered at No Charge today, as a blessing to you and is supported entirely by your donations only if you should be so inspired.

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